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Meet Mr. Zelaya! Ousted for breaking his country’s laws, treason, etc. A Chavez Wannabe with a White Stetson Hat July 24, 2009

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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — During Honduras’ Independence Day celebrations last September 15, then-President Manuel Zelaya turned up for a time-honored ritual meant to promote national unity. But rather than merely making the traditional presidential cry “Long Live the Republic!” Mr. Zelaya treated political, civic and business leaders to a 15-minute diatribe against capitalism.

“The businessmen and corrupt oligarchy are responsible for our country’s two centuries of poverty because they support an unjust neoliberal economic model that exploits humans and our natural resources,” said Mr. Zelaya, wearing his trademark white Stetson hat, as members of the crowd began to shout “Fuera! Fuera! Fuera!” (“Out! Out! Out!”).

Forced out of the country last month by the military, Mr. Zelaya returned Friday — at least temporarily. Trailed by reporters and talking on a cell phone, Mr. Zelaya crossed the border into Honduras from his Nicaraguan exile. He walked to the rusty chain that marks the border, lifted it and walked a few feet onto his native soil.

Perhaps the title of todays daring attempt of Mr. Zelaya to return to Honduras unarmed and without a vest to protect him as he approached his beloved country’s soil should read “Zelaya, Martyr or Hollywood Moviestar” because his “beloved countrymen” that he wanted to come back to seemed to be a small group composed mostly of paid supporters and foreigners. The truth is that apart from Mr. Zelayas legal problems he is not liked very well by Honduran people.

Posted via web from Honduras: “The little country that could!”



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