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No Coup, blood on Clinton/Obama, no coup! July 31, 2009

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There are people around the world who believe that inside Honduras there is a serious situation determined by persecution on the part of the government that controls the country because this is what they are led to believe by the international press agencies and, especially, by important television networks that practically dominate international news. These news and commentaries exaggerate the situation of deposed president Manuel Zelaya, whom they present as having considerable support inside the country and surrounded by hundreds or perhaps thousands in the city of Ocotal, Nicaragua, where he has the headquarters of his purported government.

It is disgraceful that the information is not balanced, because to this are due the actions, more than opinions, of the “international community” which is determined by governments that, in one way or another, are influenced by the interventionist policies of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, with vast ramifications in other countries around the region. All of them, of course, coordinated or subordinated to instructions from Fidel Castro. For example, if renowned Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez were to say something that implied disagreement with respect to the present government, this would constantly and broadly be published by press agencies or by influential international television programs specializing in Spanish language broadcasts.

Impartial individuals and observers, who have visited Honduras in July, see that the prisons are not full and that there are no deaths determined by government actions. All or almost all the live forces of the country support the government presided by Roberto Micheletti. Moreover, not only the influential Catholic Church, but also other churches of different faiths support the social and institutional peace that has prevailed in Honduras for a month now.

There are clever ways to ask questions that practically suggest an answer against the present government that, by constitutional succession, controls Honduras. Many consider that seventy five or eight per cent of the population supports the present government, not to mention, of course, those who think that this figure is larger.

The actions from American and European governments against the present government installed in Honduras by constitutional succession are decisively influenced by the way the news and images are manipulated abroad.

Guia de Conversacion: Diario Las Americas le da la bienvenida a tus pensamientos, historias e información relacionada a este articulo. Por favor mantegase dentro del tema y sea respetuosos con los demas miembros.

via Diario Las Americas – Those who not Knowing the Truth Attack the Honduran Government.



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