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Chavez and a Cowardly World August 2, 2009

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A chain of events have started that could convert the wonderful country of Honduras into a place similar to the Gaza Strip.

The actions of the International Community, that within hours of the alleged Coup de Tat, for the first time in its history, unanimously voted for the immediate return of a deposed leader in Manuel Zelaya former President of Honduras. It was amazing. The quick resolve, the Unity, it was as if monstrous invaders had taken hold of Honduras and the entire world was ready for the fight to free Honduras from its evil grip.

Now two weeks on, calm has returned to Honduras and there is no sign of the vicious alien invaders anywhere, only a fully functioning government and 7.2 million souls who are slowly realizing that they victims of a plot by Hugo Chavez to consolidate control over the small but great nation.

With an oil embargo, threats of military action and illegal entries of Venezuelan planes carrying illegal ballots, deposed leaders and tens of thousands of kilos of cocaine, Hugo Chavez is now for the first time, showing his teeth in his campaign to liberate Latin America with his Socialist Bolivarian Alliance….rd more at site

via – Utila East Wind – Free Monthly Newspaper.DSCF8289.JPG (1655006 bytes)DSCF8292.JPG (1650367 bytes)



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