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US stepping away from unabashed support for Zelaya! August 7, 2009

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Chavez and two of his South American allies, Bolivian President Evo Morales and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, have won public approval for new constitutions that are allowing them to extend their terms in office.

The Honduran Congress, the attorney general’s office and the state prosecutor all advised Zelaya that Honduras’ constitution didn’t permit the referendum.

He went ahead anyway and was ousted.

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a conservative Republican from Florida, applauded the State Department letter.

“It seems that the U.S. is stepping a bit away from its unabashed support for Zelaya,” Ros-Lehtinen said in a telephone interview.

She’d prefer that the Obama administration break ranks with the rest of Latin America and Europe and drop its support for Zelaya.

“To reinstate Zelaya to power would be the wrong message to send,” Ros-Lehtinen said. “It would say you can violate the law, go against the Congress and get away with it, and the U.S. will stand with you.”

via U.S. drops call to restore ousted Honduran leader – World AP – MiamiHerald.com.


Honduras: Democracy or Servitude to Venezuela? July 29, 2009

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Global Politician – Honduras: Democracy or Servitude to Venezuela?

NARCOtraffico Forzado por Venezuela July 29, 2009

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Honduras chief’s return scorned July 25, 2009

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The interim government in Honduras has dismissed the brief return to the country of the deposed president, Manuel Zelaya, as a publicity stunt.

Mr Zelaya crossed a few metres into Honduras from Nicaragua, before retreating a few minutes later.

The interim Honduran President, Roberto Micheletti, said Mr Zelaya’s action was “ill-conceived and silly”.

The US also criticised his move, but Mr Zelaya says he is determined to try again, despite the threat of arrest.

The interim authorities who removed him from office in June had warned they would arrest him if he returned.

Frontier zone

But Interim Deputy Security Minister Mario Perdomo said authorities did not bother to arrest Mr Zelaya because he barely entered Honduras.

“Zelaya made a show of entering Honduras: he put one foot in, and left,” Mr Perdomo told Associated Press news agency.

“And he did this in a dead zone of the frontier, which we tolerated.”

Anti-Zelaya supportes protested about his planned return
Anti-Zelaya supporters protested about his planned return

The BBC’s Stephen Gibbs, at the scene, said military personnel, apparently unsure how to react, retreated about 20m as Mr Zelaya stepped under a chain marking the border at Los Manos.

The event lasted less than 30 minutes, with Mr Zelaya posing next to a sign reading “welcome to Honduras” before walking back to Nicaragua.

“I am not afraid but I’m not crazy either,” he told Venezuelan-based TV network Telesur. “There could be violence and I don’t want to be the cause.”

Mr Zelaya said he would continue his attempts to return home, despite the threats of arrest.

A night curfew already extends over all of Honduras, but people living close to the border were ordered to stay at home between midday local time (1800GMT) and 0600 (1200GMT) to “keep the peace”.

Thousands of Zelaya supporters ignored the curfew and gathered near the border, prompting police to fire tear gas.

At the same time, thousands of supporters of the interim government gathered in the northern Honduras city of San Pedro Sula, holding signs reading “Zelaya can return, but to jail.”


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticised Mr Zelaya’s action, calling it “reckless” and “not conducive to the broader effort to restore constitutional order”.

Talks in Costa Rica aimed at resolving the political crisis collapsed two weeks ago with no agreement reached, but Mr Zelaya told reporters he was willing to return to negotiations.

Mr Zelaya has been in exile for nearly a month after a coup forced him from power.

Mr Zelaya had planned to hold a non-binding public consultation to ask people whether they supported moves to change the constitution.

His critics said the move was unconstitutional and aimed to remove the current one-term limit on serving as president and pave the way for his possible re-election.

He insists he remains the democratically-elected leader of Honduras and had previously attempted to return home on 5 July.

On that occasion, his plane was prevented from landing when the Honduran military blocked the runway.

Opositores a Zelaya marchan contra su regreso a Honduras – Internacional_Iberoamerica – Internacional – ABC.es July 24, 2009

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Miles de hondureños contrarios al depuesto presidente Manuel Zelaya celebraron hoy una masiva marcha en la ciudad norteña de San Pedro Sula para rechazar su regreso al país y en defensa de “la paz y la democracia”.
“No queremos la imposición de un ex presidente que está inhabilitado políticamente y que violó la Constitución”, declaró a la prensa Leonel Ayala, uno de los organizadores de la marcha, promovida por agrupaciones empresariales, sociales y políticas.
Los manifestantes vestían de blanco en su mayoría y portaban banderas de Honduras, así como pancartas con lemas en defensa de la Constitución hondureña y de rechazo a Zelaya, así como al presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.
Mientras la marcha se desarrollaba en una avenida de San Pedro Sula, 243 kilómetros al norte de Tegucigalpa, Zelaya se encontraba en el puesto de Las Manos, en la frontera sur con Nicaragua, a donde llegó por carretera procedente de Managua.
El depuesto presidente pasó la línea fronteriza nicaragüense y estuvo unas dos horas en la zona neutral del paso, pero luego volvió a Nicaragua, al tiempo que su familia y, según medios locales, cientos de sus seguidores, permanecían retenidos por las fuerzas de seguridad a unos 12 kilómetros de Las Manos.
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En un noticiero de España!

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Meet Mr. Zelaya! Ousted for breaking his country’s laws, treason, etc. A Chavez Wannabe with a White Stetson Hat July 24, 2009

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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — During Honduras’ Independence Day celebrations last September 15, then-President Manuel Zelaya turned up for a time-honored ritual meant to promote national unity. But rather than merely making the traditional presidential cry “Long Live the Republic!” Mr. Zelaya treated political, civic and business leaders to a 15-minute diatribe against capitalism.

“The businessmen and corrupt oligarchy are responsible for our country’s two centuries of poverty because they support an unjust neoliberal economic model that exploits humans and our natural resources,” said Mr. Zelaya, wearing his trademark white Stetson hat, as members of the crowd began to shout “Fuera! Fuera! Fuera!” (“Out! Out! Out!”).

Forced out of the country last month by the military, Mr. Zelaya returned Friday — at least temporarily. Trailed by reporters and talking on a cell phone, Mr. Zelaya crossed the border into Honduras from his Nicaraguan exile. He walked to the rusty chain that marks the border, lifted it and walked a few feet onto his native soil.

Perhaps the title of todays daring attempt of Mr. Zelaya to return to Honduras unarmed and without a vest to protect him as he approached his beloved country’s soil should read “Zelaya, Martyr or Hollywood Moviestar” because his “beloved countrymen” that he wanted to come back to seemed to be a small group composed mostly of paid supporters and foreigners. The truth is that apart from Mr. Zelayas legal problems he is not liked very well by Honduran people.

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Press Office – Congressman Connie Mack going to Honduras July 23, 2009

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Jul 23 2009

Mack to Lead Congressional Trip to Honduras This Weekend

WASHINGTON – Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14), the Ranking Republican of the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, will travel to Honduras on Saturday and Sunday to meet with key leaders and officials and discuss the ongoing crisis in the country.

Mack said:

“I am looking forward to getting on the ground in Honduras to hear directly from members of the Honduran government about the political situation in the country, as well as the progress of the ongoing talks in Costa Rica.

“It’s important to remember that Manuel Zelaya’s removal was not a military coup. The Honduran Supreme Court, attorney general, Congress and the Honduran people were right to confront Zelaya as he usurped the law and gutted their constitution.

“During this time of upheaval, the people of Honduras deserve to know that the United States and other freedom-loving nations across the globe stand with them and support a peaceful and legal resolution. I look forward to reaching out to them during this trip.”

Mack is the first Member of Congress to travel to Honduras since Zelaya’s removal. He tentatively plans to meet with members of all branches of the Honduran government while he is in the country. He will be available for media interviews before, during and after his trip.

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La OEA y sus prácticas de república bananera July 23, 2009

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La todavía no resuelta crisis de la democracia en Honduras no era tal hasta que los extranjeros se entrometieron. Los intrigantes y sus motivaciones son la verdadera crisis. Han armado un berenjenal en el país centroamericanos, pero los estragos serán mayores cuando apunten contra países más grandes.
El principal provocador ha sido la OEA, dirigida por su secretario general, José Miguel Insulza, y respaldada por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas, el secretario general de la ONU y otros actores internacionales, tanto políticos como económicos. Todos ellos rechazaron al nuevo régimen hondureño, al que calificaron de "antidemocrático" e "inconstitucional", y exigieron la inmediata e incondicional restauración del expulsado presidente Manuel Zelaya. La OEA amenazó con expulsar a Honduras de su seno en caso de que no fuese restaurado Zelaya en los tres días posteriores a su deposición, pero Honduras ya había renunciado al referido organismo.

Desde el primer momento, Insulza adoptó el camino de la confrontación, las amenazas y la polarización. Pero lo verdaderamente vergonzoso no es que Insulza haya tenido motivos personales para actuar así, sino que todos los países miembros de la OEA lo apoyaron, convirtiendo dicho foro en la Organización de Estados-Ovejas.

Mel Zelaya.En primer lugar, es esencial y sencillo comprobar la legalidad de la expulsión de Zelaya, y que no hubo un golpe militar. Como declaró el abogado hondureño Octavio Sánchez, cuando Zelaya ordenó realizar una encuesta sobre cambios al período presidencial, "disparó una disposición constitucional (artículo 239) que automáticamente lo removió de su cargo". Por lo tanto, no tenía que ser impugnado y destituido, ya que él mismo lo había hecho.

Los militares lo sacaron del país, procedimiento legal pero que resultó ser un error, porque se dio la apariencia de que se trataba de un golpe, lo cual ha sido manipulado y aprovechado al máximo por ideólogos que quieren a Zelaya de nuevo en el poder, para que siga avanzando en medidas autoritarias y populistas al estilo Chávez.

El mensaje proveniente de Honduras es que los organismos internacionales pueden hacer mucho daño con sus irresponsables y destructivas intromisiones en los asuntos de naciones independientes. La OEA no solamente encabezó los ataques, sino que lo hizo de manera escandalosamente hipócrita, reafirmando su defensa de la "no intervención en los asuntos internos de otros Estados".

Así las cosas, las directrices que se han de seguir son éstas:

1) Acate la regla establecida pero ignorada de la OEA de no interferir en los asuntos internos de otros países miembros.

2) Infórmese primero y no anuncie sanciones contra países si no sabe lo que está pasando en ellos.

3) Reconozca que las constituciones y gobiernos existen para servir a ciudadanos y residentes en su territorio con sus diferentes historias y tradiciones.

4) No permita que políticos partidistas secuestren sus instituciones y sigan las instrucciones de los pandilleros de Chávez.

5) Si usted es tan ignorante que no sabe diferenciar entre un cambio de la Constitución y un golpe militar, deje el periodismo y el análisis político.

Quienes están apostando a políticas bananeras son Zelaya, Insulza, Chávez, la ONU y la OEA, no el gobierno de Tegucigalpa.

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Nacer en Honduras: Crisis política nos vuelve más escépticos July 23, 2009

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Por un lado, la crisis política nos ha dado un sentido de fe y patriotismo renovado, los hondureños creemos que podemos salir adelante a pesar de la oposición a nivel internacional de nuestras decisiones soberanas como nación.

Por otra parte, somos ahora más escépticos del papel de organizaciones internacionales como la OEA y la ONU y de las cadenas de noticias internacionales como CNN.

CNN está caída para nosotros, es un ídolo con pies de barro. Hemos sido testigos de una guerra de desinformación espectacular por parte de los medios de comunicación de todos los países.

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The Chavez-Obama U.N. Plot Against Honduras July 23, 2009

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R2P was sold as something to be exercised against regimes practicing genocide against their own people. But the new doctrine is so vague and subject to political manipulation that one can speculate it could be used to justify some form of U.N. intervention in Honduras on the pretext that the people there are somehow being victimized by a popular military-backed regime. In fact, some Hondurans are telling this columnist that they are fearful that U.N. “blue helmets” are right now being prepared to invade their country.

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