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Fighting for Freedom! Never a coup August 4, 2009

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Congressman Connie Mack, center, greets children at the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County during a tour of the facility in Naples on August 3, 2009. Greg Kahn/Staff

NAPLES — Calling Honduras the “epicenter in the fight for freedom in Latin America,” Congressman Connie Mack said Monday that the U.S. gov ernment was on the wrong side of the issue of who should rule Honduras.

via PHOTOS: Mack speaks on Honduras coup during visit to Boys & Girls club » Naples Daily News.


What is really happening in Honduras? August 4, 2009

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Honduras: What really happenedHondurans want you to know the truth

Until last Friday, pro-Zelaya protesters have been allowed to do as they please, including disrupting traffic, assaulting police, military, citizens, and journalists, vandalizing businesses, burning tires, preventing people from going to work or school or delivering their products.

Take a close look at these photos to determine who is the aggressor. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Despite the fact that some of the protesters carry weapons, the police and military have not attacked them with live ammunition. They fire shots into the air or rubber bullets into the ground to disburse the crowd when they become out of control and only used tear gas when necessary. (By the way, tear gas was used on teachers during strikes under Mel Zelaya.)

Two people have been killed in the demonstrations and many believe it was by other demonstrators, many of whom are gang members, common criminals, and foreign agitators imported to promote insurrection. It seems obvious that if the police or military were shooting at protesters, there would be many, many more dead.

On Friday, it was announced that the penal code would be enforced and that pro-Zelaya protesters will no longer be able to infringe on the civil rights of law abiding citizens or cause economic instability to the country. Protesters will not be allowed to prevent traffic from circulating and will not be allowed to carry arms of any type, including rocks, bats, and iron bars as they have been doing. Those calling for or leading violent or disruptive protests will be subject to 2-4 years incarceration and fines from L.30,000 to L.60,000.

In addition, a special team of police have been appointed to dialogue with the protesters. A suggestion was made to have a television program to which the police replied, “Good idea”.

The Honduran constitution (article 79) guarantees the right to public manifestations, but article 62 also guarantees that the rights of each man are limited by the rights of the rest.

Pro-Zelaya protesters have prevented people from going to work and school, entering hospitals, delivering food and other products, even from selling newspapers of which they don’t approve. They have vandalized government buildings and businesses, and not just large business, but micro-businesses of poor people who don’t support the pro-Zelaya movement.

When a few hundred people infringe on the rights, security, and safety of everyone else, something has to be done.

Despite the restraint and professionalism the military and police have shown for the past 37 days in handling these riotous crowds, the internet is awash in wild claims of military suppression and abuse, hundreds or thousands of political detainees, death squads, massacres, and, yes, some even ridiculously call it a holocaust. As support for Zelaya diminishes, the claims get more and more wild.

These false claims are not verified and often are made by people who are not even in Honduras. Even though there are hundreds of journalists and photographers in Honduras, doing as they please, reporting on what they want to report on, talking to whomever they want to talk to, and going wherever they want to go, no reputable news agency has verified any of these wild claims.

Doesn’t it seem odd to you that the media is not reporting these ‘massacres’?

How is it that protesters are being shown on television every day (and rerun day after day) if they are truly being denied their civil right to protest?

Doesn’t it seem odd that the media has only been able to show photos of two bodies during the past 37 days of conflict in Honduras if there are ‘massacres’?

Doesn’t it seem likely that if the media were being repressed or prevented access that they would be screaming to high heaven about it?

Please think about these things and ask for some accountability from these fake “human rights” organizations that are fronts for socialist movements who spread outrageous lies about what is happening here in Honduras.

For those responsible human rights organizations, you should be looking at Venezuela, not Honduras. President Micheletti has invited anyone to come to Honduras to see what is happening here. What you will see is 7.5 million Hondurans going about their daily business − as always − while a thousand people scattered around the country are trying to take the country hostage.

The bravest country in the world August 4, 2009

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All of this is an astounding demonstration of how pro-Communist and anti-freedom much of the world has become. It’s not just Zero.

It’s also a demonstration of how intimidated anti-Communist leaders have become. You would think that Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe, Panama’s Ricardo Martinelli, and Peru’s Alan Garcia would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Roberto Micheletti in Tegucigalpa’s Morazan Square.

Joining them in support would be all members of the Supreme Court, virtually all members of the National Congress, all major Honduran business leaders, and vast numbers of Hondurans who want freedom not Chavez-style dictatorship.

via The Adventures of Hannah & Charlie: The bravest country in the world.

How does the Obama Admin. treat US friends? August 3, 2009

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Coup Historian Bernard Lewis has observed that a nation can make few mistakes worse than this: to be “harmless as an enemy, and treacherous as a friend.” Is that a fair characterization of American foreign policy under the Obama administration?

Start with Honduras which has been a stable and valuable American ally for two decades. Recently, President Manuel Zelaya attempted to subvert his country’s laws and democratic institutions in pursuit of the kind power enjoyed by such left-wing and anti-American strongmen as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Cuba’s Raul Castro and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega. Honduras’ Supreme Court stood up to Zelaya – eventually ordering the military to remove him from office. Honduras’ Congress voted to install a new president, Roberto Micheletti, the next in line under Honduras’ constitution, and a member of the same Liberal Party to which Zelayla belongs.

via Friends and Foes.

non-coup – Zelaya broke many laws! August 3, 2009

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Zelaya had the ballots printed in Venezuela, but these were impounded by customs when they were brought back to Honduras. On June 25 — three days before he was ousted — Zelaya personally gathered a group of “supporters” and led it to seize the ballots, restating his intent to conduct the “survey” on June 28. That was the breaking point for the attorney general, who immediately sought a warrant from the Supreme Court for Zelaya’s arrest on charges of treason, abuse of authority and other crimes. In response, the court ordered Zelaya’s arrest by the country’s army, which under Article 272 must enforce compliance with the Constitution, particularly with respect to presidential succession. The military executed the court’s order on the morning of the proposed survey.

It would seem from this that Zelaya’s arrest by the military was legal, and rather well justified to boot. But, unfortunately, the tale did not end there. Rather than taking Zelaya to jail and then to court to face charges, the military shipped him off to Costa Rica. No one has yet explained persuasively why summarily sending Zelaya into exile in this manner was legal, and it most likely wasn’t.

This illegality may entitle Zelaya to return to Honduras. But does it require that he be returned to power?

No. As noted, Article 239 states clearly that one who behaves as Zelaya did in attempting to change presidential succession ceases immediately to be president. If there were any doubt on that score, the Congress removed it by convening immediately after Zelaya’s arrest, condemning his illegal conduct and overwhelmingly voting (122 to 6) to remove him from office. The Congress is led by Zelaya’s own Liberal Party (although it is true that Zelaya and his party have grown apart as he has moved left). Because Zelaya’s vice president had earlier quit to run in the November elections, the next person in the line of succession was Micheletti, the Liberal leader of Congress. He was named to complete the remaining months of Zelaya’s term.

via Honduras’ non-coup – Los Angeles Times.

Exiled Zelaya Threatens Honduras Govt with ‘Violence’ August 3, 2009

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TEGUCIGALPA – Ousted President Manuel Zelaya has threatened the interim government of Honduras with “generalized violence” if he is not restored to power.

via Exiled Zelaya Threatens Honduras Govt with ‘Violence’ | CommonDreams.org.

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how Zelaya & Chavez continually threaten with violence and the world watches on and says nothing. The UN, the OEA, defenders of freedom…where are they?

Natives Say Democracy Preserved August 2, 2009

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Dan: Is everyone going crazy down there now or what?

Jane: Not really. There are maybe a few hundred people who supported Zelaya protesting, but most of the people were proud of what happened.

Dan: The media here is basically saying this was a coup and your military has taken over the country. They’re equating it to the coups of the 60’s and 80’s.

Jane: All the military did was arrest him and fly him out of here. They did that to protect him. If they had not sent him away he could have been injured or tried to turn this into something more than essentially someone committing a crime being arrested and deported.

via Daniel Bryan » Blog Archive » Honduras Natives Say Democracy Preserved.

Chavez and a Cowardly World August 2, 2009

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A chain of events have started that could convert the wonderful country of Honduras into a place similar to the Gaza Strip.

The actions of the International Community, that within hours of the alleged Coup de Tat, for the first time in its history, unanimously voted for the immediate return of a deposed leader in Manuel Zelaya former President of Honduras. It was amazing. The quick resolve, the Unity, it was as if monstrous invaders had taken hold of Honduras and the entire world was ready for the fight to free Honduras from its evil grip.

Now two weeks on, calm has returned to Honduras and there is no sign of the vicious alien invaders anywhere, only a fully functioning government and 7.2 million souls who are slowly realizing that they victims of a plot by Hugo Chavez to consolidate control over the small but great nation.

With an oil embargo, threats of military action and illegal entries of Venezuelan planes carrying illegal ballots, deposed leaders and tens of thousands of kilos of cocaine, Hugo Chavez is now for the first time, showing his teeth in his campaign to liberate Latin America with his Socialist Bolivarian Alliance….rd more at site

via – Utila East Wind – Free Monthly Newspaper.DSCF8289.JPG (1655006 bytes)DSCF8292.JPG (1650367 bytes)

Ros-Lehtinen Questions Troubling U.S. Approach to Syria, Honduras August 2, 2009

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Even as we reduce the pressure on the Syrian regime and call for direct engagement with another state-sponsor of terrorism and proliferation threat, Iran, the U.S. is pressuring Honduras, stripping U.S. aid and withholding visas for Honduran Supreme Court justices, in an attempt to impose the return of Manuel Zelaya.

“An approach where enemies are emboldened and strengthened, while allies are undermined and weakened, is a dangerous one.

via House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Republicans: Press Release: Ros-Lehtinen Questions Troubling U.S. Approach to Syria, Honduras.

Obama Turns On Freedom Around the Globe – Townhall.com July 31, 2009

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For more than twenty years American foreign policy has been guided by a freedom agenda: the notion that our security interests are best protected by advancing the cause of freedom around the world. Ronald Reagan championed it when he won the cold war, George H.W. Bush when he fought the first gulf war, and Bill Clinton when he committed America to defending human rights in the Balkans. Now, here comes President Barack Obama. who has effectively turned America’s back on the cause of freedom around the globe.

via Bob McEwen : Obama Turns On Freedom Around the Globe – Townhall.com.