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TERRORISTS:WHY IS OBAMA SUPPORTING dictators, tyrans, undemocratic regimes July 31, 2009

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I have had a chance to do a little more reading and research on the recent events in Honduras. According to the initial media reports there was a coup that ousted a sitting president by the military and Supreme Court. I was concerned at the initial reports and actions by the Supreme Court and the military in Honduras.

I was astounded to find that the ousted President Manuel Zelaya was peaceably removed because he attempted to ignore his country’s constitution and was trying to, in effect, become what amounts to a dictator by overthrowing the constitution of the land in Honduras…rd more at site

via U.S. is on the wrong side in Honduras » Knoxville News Sentinel.

Is Obama purposefully on the side of terrorists and not on the rule of law? Is he helping Chavez, Zelaya & the other group to hate the US “imperialism” as they call it?