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July 4, 2009

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Thousands march pro new interim government and against Zelaya!

Thousands march pro new interim government and against Zelaya!

Help Honduras Stand Up For Democracy

By contacting your elected representatives.

White House.

(202) 456-1111 | Contact form

US Senator

Find your senator’s contact information using the drop down menu in upper right of their site.

US Representatives

Find your representative’s contact information using the zip code entry on the upper left of their site.

Tweet Support to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Automatically send the following Tweet:
“@IRL Thank you for supporting Honduras & delivering your Letter to Pres. Obama.  I support you helping Honduras.http://helphondurasnow.com/

Tweet Support to Jim Demint

Automatically send the following Tweet:
“@JimDeMint Thank you for supporting Honduras.  I support you in your efforts to help Honduras. http://helphondurasnow.com

By contacting your government agencies.

US State Department

(202) 647-4000 | Contact form

By contacting political organizations.

United Nations General Assembly

(212) 963-1234 | Contact form

Organization of American States

(202) 458-3000 | OASWeb@oas.org | OAS Telephone Directory

Unión de Organizaciones Democráticas de América

Contact form

By spreading the word via social media.


Automatically send the following Tweet:
“Help Honduras!  Contact Your Elected Representative. The people from Honduras need help NOW. http://helphondurasnow.com

Other social media

Post a link http://helphondurasnow.com/ with a message asking people to help.

By educating yourself.

News & Media Posts: Telegraph UK

Fox News Coverage

Wall Street Journal Coverage

Washington Post

The New York Daily News

La Prensa Honduras
If you can read Spanish, check La Prensa Honduras out , for more information on the current events in Honduras.

Expert Blogs:

Roger Noriega’s Blog, The American



Key Links About Honduras since June 28, 2009 June 30, 2009

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