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Anti-American Amigos August 17, 2009

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Hugo Chávez took a break last week from lobbying Washington on behalf of deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to travel to Quito, Ecuador, for a meeting of South American heads of state.

There he launched a virulent assault on the U.S. military, reiterated his commitment to spreading revolution in the region, and threatened the continent with war. Mr. Zelaya was by his side.

The Venezuelan’s tirade against the U.S. and its ally Colombia raised the question yet again of what the U.S. could possibly be thinking in pushing Honduras to reinstate Mr. Zelaya. He was removed from office by the Honduran Congress in June because he violated the country’s constitution and willfully incited mob violence.

But that’s not the only thing that made him unpopular at home. He also had become an important ally of Mr. Chávez and was quite obviously being coached to copy the Chávez


power grab in Venezuela by undermining Honduras’s institutional checks and balances.

If Honduras has been able to neutralize Mr. Chávez, it’s something to celebrate. A Chávez-style takeover of institutions in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua has quashed political pluralism, free speech and minority rights in those countries. There is now a heavy presence of Cuban state intelligence throughout the Venezuelan empire. Mr. Zelaya literally has become a fellow traveler of Mr. Chávez, leaving no doubts about the course he would put Honduras on if given the chance.

via Mary O’Grady: The U.S. Should Not Help Chavez Advance an Anti-American Agenda – WSJ.com.


Obama Turns On Freedom Around the Globe – Townhall.com July 31, 2009

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For more than twenty years American foreign policy has been guided by a freedom agenda: the notion that our security interests are best protected by advancing the cause of freedom around the world. Ronald Reagan championed it when he won the cold war, George H.W. Bush when he fought the first gulf war, and Bill Clinton when he committed America to defending human rights in the Balkans. Now, here comes President Barack Obama. who has effectively turned America’s back on the cause of freedom around the globe.

via Bob McEwen : Obama Turns On Freedom Around the Globe – Townhall.com.

DEMOCRACY-NO COUP- why won’t Obama listen? July 29, 2009

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Diplomacy: The U.S. revoked visas of four Honduran officials, claiming that a coup occurred there. But if they could travel, the Hondurans could educate Americans otherwise. So why are we trying to silence them?

Nobody pushes “dialogue” or “citizen diplomacy” more than the U.S. Department of State. So how can it justify revoking the visas on these Hondurans in what a department spokesman confirmed Tuesday as “a turning of the screw.”

The Hondurans targeted are the very ones whose presence would be valuable to the U.S. if it means to understand the constitutional action that necessitated the removal of President Mel Zelaya on June 28. It followed the Honduran constitution to the letter, yet led to the crisis now in mediation talks.

Hondurans targeted include the chief justice of the Supreme Court and the speaker of Congress plus two other officials.

Visas would let them come to the U.S. to explain precisely what happened, getting the word out to the public. This is important. So far, the media and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez have crudely defined what occurred as a “coup” and claimed Zelaya’s removal was all about his left-wing orientation and revenge by the “ruling class.”

In reality, Zelaya broke 17 Honduran laws classified as “high crimes.” They included holding an unconstitutional referendum, defying the high court, whipping up mobs, taking Chavista cash, robbing the Central Bank and preloading computers with referendum “results” before the illegal referendum was even held.

Like the Stasi revelations in the wake of the Berlin Wall’s fall, the information that’s come out in the wake of the ouster must be aired, discussed, investigated and resolved.

Instead, the U.S. embassy in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa insists that Zelaya be reseated as president before any other action can take place and granted immunity for his ever more baroque chain of crimes without any dialogue whatsoever.

Sadly, it’s Hondurans who tried to save their democracy that are now blacklisted. Revoking their visas is to treat them as the sort of Latin Americans who get visas yanked for very good reasons.

Among them are members of Zelaya’s own inner circle in 2006, such as Zelaya’s Interior Minister Jorge Arturo Reina who got his visa yanked for terrorist activities, and chief tax collector Marco Aurelio Clara, who lost his for links to drug trafficking. Venezuelan money launderers linked to Chavez in recent years have gotten their visas pulled too, ending their junkets to Disney World, Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue, and their South Beach condos in Miami. Chavez knows this, which is why it was originally his idea.

But cutting visas amounts to a gag on Honduran democrats who aren’t interested in going shopping.

“These visa shenanigans are an attempt to silence people who don’t agree with the U.S. position,” Rep. Connie Mack, D-Fla., told IBD on his return Tuesday from a fact-finding trip to Honduras.

Why is State doing this? “I don’t think you will get a clear answer from them,” said Mack, “because they are on wrong side.”

It points to a diplomacy at odds with transparency and freedom.

via IBDeditorials.com: Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor’s Business Daily — Visas For Hondurans.

Does Obama uphold Democracy or presidents even if they break laws & the constitution? July 29, 2009

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President Obama "deeply concerned" over Honduran unrest by Rhonda J Mangus

The Obama and Chavez Handshake: What’s the big deal? Buddies? July 29, 2009

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Obama and Chavez, Buddies? President Obama Greeting Hugo Chavez