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Anti-American Amigos August 17, 2009

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Hugo Chávez took a break last week from lobbying Washington on behalf of deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to travel to Quito, Ecuador, for a meeting of South American heads of state.

There he launched a virulent assault on the U.S. military, reiterated his commitment to spreading revolution in the region, and threatened the continent with war. Mr. Zelaya was by his side.

The Venezuelan’s tirade against the U.S. and its ally Colombia raised the question yet again of what the U.S. could possibly be thinking in pushing Honduras to reinstate Mr. Zelaya. He was removed from office by the Honduran Congress in June because he violated the country’s constitution and willfully incited mob violence.

But that’s not the only thing that made him unpopular at home. He also had become an important ally of Mr. Chávez and was quite obviously being coached to copy the Chávez


power grab in Venezuela by undermining Honduras’s institutional checks and balances.

If Honduras has been able to neutralize Mr. Chávez, it’s something to celebrate. A Chávez-style takeover of institutions in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua has quashed political pluralism, free speech and minority rights in those countries. There is now a heavy presence of Cuban state intelligence throughout the Venezuelan empire. Mr. Zelaya literally has become a fellow traveler of Mr. Chávez, leaving no doubts about the course he would put Honduras on if given the chance.

via Mary O’Grady: The U.S. Should Not Help Chavez Advance an Anti-American Agenda – WSJ.com.

U.S. appears to soften support for Honduras’s Zelaya | International | Reuters August 5, 2009

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By Susan Cornwell


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. policy on Honduras’ political crisis is not aimed at supporting any particular individual, the State Department said in a new letter that implied softening support for ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

The letter to Republican Senator Richard Lugar contained criticism of Zelaya, saying the left-leaning former leader had taken “provocative” actions ahead of his removal by the Honduran military on June 28.

The State Department also indicated severe U.S. economic sanctions were not being considered against the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti, which took over in Honduras after Zelaya removed from office.

“Our policy and strategy for engagement is not based on supporting any particular politician or individual. Rather, it is based on finding a resolution that best serves the Honduran people and their democratic aspirations,” Richard Verma, the assistant secretary for legislative affairs, said in the letter.

“We have rejected calls for crippling economic sanctions and made clear that all states should seek to facilitate a solution without calls for violence and with respect for the principle of nonintervention,” he said. The letter was dated Tuesday and obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

via U.S. appears to soften support for Honduras’s Zelaya | International | Reuters.

En Honduras detuvimos plan de Chávez August 5, 2009

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Un general aseguró este martes que con la expulsión el 28 de junio del presidente Manuel Zelaya se detuvo en Honduras el plan expansionista “disfrazado de democracia” que Venezuela pretendía llevar hasta Estados Unidos.

“Honduras, la sociedad hondureña y sus fuerzas armadas, pararon ese plan expansionista de un líder sudamericano de llevar al corazón de Estados Unidos un socialismo disfrazado de democracia”, dijo el comandante del Ejército, general Miguel Angel García, sin mencionar al presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez.

via Militares: En Honduras detuvimos plan de Chávez | Ultima Hora Online.

Zelaya Promotes Violence August 5, 2009

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MANAGUA, Aug. 3 Xinhua — The opposition mayors from a Nicaraguan province bordering Honduras on Monday demanded the expulsion of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya from the country, saying he caused social and commercial instability in the region.

The mayors from Nueva Segovia province belong to the Constitutionalist Liberal Party, headed by former Nicaraguan President Arnoldo Aleman, who also urged Zelaya’s departure. They said Zelaya’s so-called Pacific Resistance Army has been infiltrated by gangsters who are causing social insecurity in the area. These gang members blocked the trade transit and robbed residents there. “There is not any kind of control of the people who enter Nicaraguan territory by blind points.

The authorities do not request them any kind of identification,” added the mayors. The mayors called on the authorities to take measures to restore order in the border area. Reports from Nicaragua’s Capital of Managua said Zelaya left Ocotal, 26km to the border with Honduras, for Managua on Saturday and intended to go to Mexico from there. Meanwhile, hundreds of his followers remained in Ocotal, waiting for Zalaya’s instructions to return to Honduras.

Micheletti aclara que Zelaya “nunca” retomará el poder si sigue promoviendo la violencia con Chávez y Ortega – Yahoo! Noticias August 4, 2009

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“Mientras se empeñe en traer violencia, baño de sangre y muerte al pueblo hondureño no podrá volver, y mientras el señor Ortega y Hugo Chávez violen la carta de las Naciones Unidas, la carta de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA)”, tampoco podrá regresar, señala un comunicado divulgado este lunes por la Casa Presidencial.

Crisis política en Hondurasvia Honduras: Micheletti aclara que Zelaya “nunca” retomará el poder si sigue promoviendo la violencia con Chávez y Ortega – Yahoo! Noticias.

Chavez and a Cowardly World August 2, 2009

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A chain of events have started that could convert the wonderful country of Honduras into a place similar to the Gaza Strip.

The actions of the International Community, that within hours of the alleged Coup de Tat, for the first time in its history, unanimously voted for the immediate return of a deposed leader in Manuel Zelaya former President of Honduras. It was amazing. The quick resolve, the Unity, it was as if monstrous invaders had taken hold of Honduras and the entire world was ready for the fight to free Honduras from its evil grip.

Now two weeks on, calm has returned to Honduras and there is no sign of the vicious alien invaders anywhere, only a fully functioning government and 7.2 million souls who are slowly realizing that they victims of a plot by Hugo Chavez to consolidate control over the small but great nation.

With an oil embargo, threats of military action and illegal entries of Venezuelan planes carrying illegal ballots, deposed leaders and tens of thousands of kilos of cocaine, Hugo Chavez is now for the first time, showing his teeth in his campaign to liberate Latin America with his Socialist Bolivarian Alliance….rd more at site

via – Utila East Wind – Free Monthly Newspaper.DSCF8289.JPG (1655006 bytes)DSCF8292.JPG (1650367 bytes)

Hugo Chávez dirige los pasos de Manuel Zelaya y necesita hondureños muertos July 29, 2009

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Hugo Chávez dirige los pasos de Manuel Zelaya

Si había alguna duda de que la estrategia del derrocado presidente es diseñada desde Caracas quedó de nuevo de manifiesto en Las Manos

“He venido hasta aquí para analizar la estrategia a seguir”, manifestó en este punto fronterizo Armando Laguna Laguna, embajador de Venezuela en Honduras. El diplomático siguió de cerca la fugaz entrada de Manuel Zelaya a su país, y tomó nota de que la insurrección popular que esperaban no se produjo. A escasos metros de distancia, Nicolás Maduro, ministro de Asuntos Exteriores del gobierno de Hugo Chávez, contemplaba que la maniobra preparada durante semanas tan sólo había sido un efímero circo mediático.

Este sábado, Maduro fue testigo de primera mano de cómo Zelaya se daba por vencido al anunciar que instalaría un campamento en territorio nicaragüense, junto a la frontera con su país, para esperar a su familia y a algunos partidarios que pudieran llegar a la zona. Pero de cruzar la frontera, nada.Si había alguna duda de que la estrategia del derrocado presidente Manuel Zelaya es diseñada desde Caracas quedó de nuevo de manifiesto en Las Manos. Los venezolanos dirigieron y coordinaron el operativo.

En El Paraíso, reporteros de la cadena estatal venezolana Telesur -el único canal del mundo que retransmitía los hechos en directo- informaba en tono épico de los choques entre manifestantes que pretendían acercarse a la frontera con policías y soldados que se lo impedían. Otro equipo informaba desde Las Manos sobre la llegada de Zelaya como si se tratara de la toma de la Bastilla. Movido por las imágenes y los cometarios de Telesur, un espectador despistado podría creer que el gobierno de facto de Micheletti estaba a punto de caer, con las maletas preparadas para huir por la puerta trasera.

Telesur jugó el mismo papel agitador cuando el pasado día 5 retransmitió en directo el intento de Zelaya de aterrizar en el aeropuerto de Tegucigalpa. El defenestrado mandatario viajaba en un avión Falcon venezolano, con piloto militar venezolano, con comunicación telefónica con Telesur y conectado al móvil de Chávez, para establecer una triangulación de contactos en el momento en que se abortó el aterrizaje. Quedará para la historia ese intercambio de palabras acerca del valiente piloto militar y presidentes osados. El analista Antonio Cortez señala que las retransmisiones de Telesur se vuelven provocaciones que incentivan la lucha callejera de ambos bandos

Patricia Rodas, ex ministra de Exteriores del gobierno de Zelaya, reconoció ante los micrófonos de Telesur el papel determinante de Venezuela en la estrategia que sigue Zelaya. “Un saludo a nuestro comandante Hugo Chávez. Sin él, sin su apoyo, esta repercusión mediática no habría sido posible”, dijo Rodas.

Nicolás Maduro estuvo al lado de Zelaya todo el día. Viajaba en el jeep que, manejado por el presidente depuesto, los condujo desde la ciudad nicaragüense de Estelí a la frontera. El viernes durmieron juntos en Ocotal.

Joaquín Villalobos, ex comandante de la guerrilla salvadoreña, señala que “el uso de la cadena Telesur para coordinar diplomacia con lucha callejera, el involucramiento de aviones y pilotos venezolanos y los llamados a la rebelión hablan por sí mismos; Chávez necesita hondureños muertos”.

via Hugo Chávez dirige los pasos de Manuel Zelaya.

Does Obama uphold Democracy or presidents even if they break laws & the constitution? July 29, 2009

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President Obama "deeply concerned" over Honduran unrest by Rhonda J Mangus

Did Obama do Zelaya’s bidding in revoking visas? Message- Chavez/Zelaya welcome in US, but those upholding democracy are not? July 29, 2009

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Earlier today, Dafydd ab Hugh wrote about the weird juxtaposition of arguing for diplomatic contact with the Taliban while revoking visas for Honduran officials after the removal of Manuel Zelaya from office. The story actually gets even stranger, as The Hill reports. Apparently, the White House got the notion to revoke the visas from Zelaya himself, who demanded it in a letter to Barack Obama:

The ousted president of Honduras reportedly asked President Obama to revoke the diplomatic visas of members of interim President Roberto Micheletti’s de facto government.

Manuel Zelaya, who was removed from office on June 28 and has now retreated to the mountains of Nicaragua to organize a “resistance,” according to the Central American News Agency, reportedly sent a letter to Obama asking him to ramp up the pressure on the interim government and calling for the “revocation of visas” to those involved in his ouster, and the freezing of bank accounts.

The Zelaya letter reportedly names officials against whom the ousted president wanted action taken, including General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, the head of the armed forces who was fired by Zelaya on June 25 for refusing to use the military to press forward with a referendum deemed illegal by the country’s highest court. …

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly confirmed at Tuesday’s news briefing that four diplomatic visas had been revoked by the U.S. Kelly did not name names, but the deputy foreign minister of Honduras’s de facto government confirmed that one of the visas belonged to Judge Jose Tomas Arita Valle, the chairman of the 16-member supreme court who signed the ruling ordering the detention of President Manuel Zelaya.

Bear in mind that the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court removed Zelaya from office weeks ago. Suddenly the US has decided that it would be appropriate to impose travel sanctions on Honduran officials, although the State Department did its best to spin that idea into a maintenance of the status quo. They claimed that the timing “is what it is,” and denied that it represented a “turning of the screw,” despite the use of these exact same revocations as sanctions against other regimes. In fact, the US has demanded that UN nations revoke travel visas for a host of Iranian officials over the last several years.

Obviously, this does represent a “turning of the screw,” but Americans have a right to know who ordered it, and why. Is the hand on the screwdriver Barack Obama’s? Or is it the hand of a wanna-be tinpot dictator who tried to seize power illegally in Honduras, and wants the US to seize it for him now?


via Hot Air » Blog Archive » Did Obama do Zelaya’s bidding in revoking visas?.

Opinion | U.S. must support the rule of law in Honduras, not President Zelaya | Seattle Times Newspaper July 17, 2009

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When it comes to Honduras, the United States should support strengthening the rule of law and democracy in Latin America rather than join a Marxist bandwagon, writes Washington state Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn. She recently returned from a humanitarian mission to the country.